Imres B.V.

Imres B.V.


You want to help people to improve their lives by distributing and providing essential medicines, medical consumables and hospital equipment to those in need.

We at Imres have the knowledge, experience, passion and the skills to help you achieve that.

Over more than 35 years, Imres has proved that we are a reliable, efficient and trusted partner in healthcare strengthening programmes in developing countries. As an organisation, we are large enough to make a difference but small enough to give you personal attention. We care about the difference that we are making in lives and communities, and in our partners’ health projects. As a supplier, we do not make promises that we cannot keep. If we commit to a project and specific deliverables, it is because we really can deliver, as promised. We are good at what we do, but we also feel good about what we do. We feel responsible for our partners’ projects until each one ends successfully. Then we move onto our next challenge; our next opportunity to turn humanitarian dreams into concrete solutions and decisive action that saves lives.

Imres is an operating company within the Imperial Logistics Group.


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